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R&R's team really listens. They pay attention and pick up on important factors for you and your life, and they incorporate them into every part of your home. They found a real balance of our personalities, our needs and what looks best. They are so well-organized, as well as kind and entertaining. They made the process of designing our new house successful — and made it fun. Every meeting we had with R&R was valuable time spent — filled with laughter, yet always productive — and we always left knowing our direction and next steps on the project. They kept us marching forward and foresaw potential problem areas before they became problems. They have incredible attention to detail and always, always goes the extra mile to make sure your home is something you’re proud of. We were so impressed by R&R’s work on our house that we then hired them to design our company’s conference room. They exhibited the same professionalism, style and teamwork on the commercial project, and we are just as thrilled with the finished product.”

Lisa & Mike Ghilotti, home-owners
Owners, Ghilotti Bros. Inc., construction company

R&R is a team player who understands that we are all trying to get to the best possible outcome for our clients. Many interior designers are challenging to work with, but R&R's team make my job so easy. I have never seen another design firm with such a detailed spec book for every project. Their organizational skills and attention to detail allow us to have all the information we need before we even know we need it. They also have a great ability to work with our clients to get us the information and decisions we need in a timely fashion to keep a job moving. They are a tremendous asset. Because of R&R, we can do a much better job for our clients.”

Patty Garczynski
Vice President/General Manger, Tony Garczynski Development Inc., builder

We’ve worked with R&R on new residential projects ranging from traditional to contemporary in style, and R&R did a great job staying true to the architecture of each home and the desires of the individual clients. The furniture plan is a tremendous asset in the design process, the specification book is thorough and well-organized so product information is easily accessible, and R&R is very responsive to questions or issues that arise as the project proceeds. On top of the efficiency and quality of the design work, R&R's team are all very personable and professional, and very enjoyable to work with.

Christopher J. Gilman, AIA, architect

We looked at 40 or 50 interior designers’ websites before finding the right designer for us, R&R Design Studio. In their portfolio, we saw quality, comfort, elegance and timelessness executed in a variety of styles. We knew they would be able to envision our home the way we do and guide us through achieving that. There has been a lot of hard work and many decisions made, and all with a sense of confidence that our vision is being realized. R&R's team are tremendously professional. They listen well, they respond immediately to phone calls and e-mails, and they make you feel you are their top priority. Engaging R&R Design for our home has been a great decision.”

Andrea & Jim Latner, home-owners

What makes R&R different is that they understand construction. They listen to their clients’ needs and are able to translate them to professional language and terminology. They are good liaisons between client and vendor. They show great attention to detail and is very efficient within both her clients’ and vendors’ time and budget parameters.”

Linda Hanrahan
Owner, Energy Plus Wholesale Lighting and Automation, vendor

Whatever R&R promises, they bring on time with high quality. The extreme detail and quality of their designs are very unusual. As builders, it is a dream to work with R&R. Our estimators, especially, love working with R&R, as they can easily price projects right away just from their designs and strong specifications. I also respect their design philosophy: Her goal is not to leave her mark, but to reflect their clients’ wishes. R&R does this so well, because the team really connects with people. They can read what their clients want and like and then use her extensive expertise and knowledge to make it happen.

Luiz Panchihak
Business Development and Sales, formerly with Plath & Co., builder

We bought our place for its lovely gardens and knew the challenge would be to remodel the very dated house to make it the home we would live in the rest of our lives. Our general contractor recommended we bring in R&R, because he had been impressed with their work on another project, and he knew we were having a hard time turning our dreams into designs. R&R was everything we wanted in a design firm. They listened carefully to our wants and needs, observed our style, respected our budget and worked with us to create our dream home. They were instrumental in keeping the project moving by helping us to focus on the big picture and not overthink minor issues or second guess our decisions. They developed what we called the ‘bible’ for our renovation: a notebook containing all the relevant information about specifications on all the lighting, fixtures, appliances, etc. This book not only provided one place where we could see and read about all the elements of the remodel, but more importantly, it provided all the installation instructions our contractor needed to properly install everything. We would have been totally lost without R&R’s help. Their combination of design expertise, empathy, patience, focus and friendship is priceless. They are a delight to work with, and we unreservedly recommend them.”

Susan & Richard Spar, home-owners

R&R Design is a required ambassador for any interior-design project — not just an amazing design firm, but a facilitator between the client and their requirements, the design vision, construction and vendors. You can have confidence your project will be delivered within the time and budget constraints and exceed your expectation. The stylistic range is broad: There is no one aesthetic, so the final design reflects each client beautifully. R&R's team is committed and generous, a joy to work with.”

Ann Rea
Artist/CEO, Ann Rea Inc., vendor

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with R&R Design Studio during the past 10 years on several spec projects and, ultimately, on my own residence. They genuinely listened to my desires and helped me translate them to reality. I wanted Old World charm with modern conveniences, high quality without exorbitant price tags. From initial design through the final touches of artwork, rugs and draperies, R&R's team was my adviser, negotiator and confidante. Their fees were reasonable and quite possibly completely offset by the savings they were able to get me through her wholesale connections and larger-scale purchasing power. I would use R&R again and again.”

Brian Ross
President, Local Development Corp.; Co-Owner, Costa Bella Construction Corp.; builder/developer

R&R’s spec binder with samples (plumbing fixtures, furniture, finishes, appliances, floor plans, etc.), configurations and pricing was a lifesaver through every step of our renovation. They had a copy, the contractor had a copy, and we had a copy. This allowed us all to be on the same page throughout the project, especially when communicating remotely, and it was instrumental in keeping our design budget in line without any surprises. They also saved us valuable time by doing their homework in advance, so when we had to meet at showrooms, we were not overwhelmed because they had already narrowed our choices down to options that were appropriate for our design plan. This was just one example of how R&R’s organization and talent helped keep our stress to a minimum. R&R's team was vital in our renovation’s success, and I would not do another renovation without them.

Mark Ritter & Peter LaSalle, home-owners

Rebecca of R&R Design Studio has been a valued customer of Designers Gallery for more than 18 years, with projects too numerous to count. She is a visionary artist on every job, giving her customers marvelous, unique styling, with an emphasis on designing luxury estate and custom-crafted residential projects. Every job R&R undertakes is meticulously handled. This is the company to hire if you appreciate the finest in a timely manner.”

Mary Stewart
President, Designers Gallery Ltd., vendor

Working with R&R was like being in the eye of a tornado: Everything moved quickly and efficiently. They rapidly assessed who we were and what we liked. While their tema generally made excellent recommendations, they were quick to change course if we indicated we wanted something different. We felt they always had our best interest at heart and lobbied on our behalf with various vendors. When the final construction inspection was completed, we were able to walk into a fully furnished and decorated home that fit our lifestyle.”

Lori & Tom Carter, home-owners

We chose R&R for our own commercial-building remodel. R&R's team is very down to earth, personable and easy to work with. They are upfront and honest about their opinions, but they do not force them on anyone, adapting quickly and easily to the needs of the client. She is always mindful of the parameters and budget of the project, taking into account all the different players and aspects involved and melding them into a cohesive plan. I really enjoy working with their team.”

Catrina Alfaro
Marketing Manager, O.C. Jones & Sons Inc., contractor

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