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R &R Design Studio LLC specializes in high-end residential and commercial turnkey projects — from condos to castles, hospitality to high-tech, bistros to boardrooms. Working with individual owners and owner/builders, as well as commercial and spec clients, Rebecca Yudice and her team bring a practical, low-stress approach to every job.

Luxury Residential

People first, design second. R&R Design Studio does not bring their design vision to your home. They help you define your design vision to ensure your home is livable and lovable for you.

Unlike many designers, R&R is adamant that your home reflects your taste, vision and needs — not theirs — and their team will guide you through the planning and design process with care and efficiency. R&R works hand in hand with private owners and owners/builders, taking you from abstract ideas to your dream house, maximizing your time and budget.

The lynch pin of a successful project is the space plan, and this is one of R&R’s strong points: They work with construction and architectural documents (as well as your architect and contractors) to ensure your space will function for your goals and your lifestyle — before a wall is knocked down or put up. This experienced and detailed planning in the initial stages means fewer headaches and less money spent on costly revisions and change orders. R&R treats their clients’ money as if it were their own, painstakingly planning to ensure there are no surprises down the road.

Whether you are improving your entire home or just a bit of it, R&R will put its team and their extensive network of resources to work for you at any or every stage of design, from space planning to custom materials to furniture and accessories. Building, remodeling and renovating your home should be enjoyable. With R&R Design Studio, it will be.


Is your space functioning? Who is your client? What type of environment will inspire them to buy, eat, visit?

At R&R Design Studio, function always comes before form. Your commercial space has a purpose, whether it’s hospitality, retail, corporate or something else entirely. R&R will work with you to ensure your space is encased in beautiful design, but first they will make sure it serves its purpose, its clients, its customers.

Determining how you will conduct your business is the first step to ensuring a successful outcome. R&R seamlessly integrates on to the project team, collaborating with your architect, contractors and subs to make sure your design footprint functions for your needs (including tenant improvements). Whether you require extra cook tops in the kitchen, a wider wrap station behind the counter, room for a coat check off the main lobby or a custom-fitted boardroom, R&R will make sure your needs are addressed, realized and built into your space plan from the get-go.

Complementing her three decades of commercial-design experience with unparalleled efficiency and meticulous attention to detail, R&R will work with you and your team to achieve your vision — on time and on budget.

Commercial Development

The interior designer of choice for builders, developers and architects nationwide, R&R Design Studio has earned a strong reputation for its successful turnkey spec projects. They have a deep respect for the construction process, and they integrate seamlessly into any project, collaborating on every level with builders and developers. They have a clear understanding of spec development, both for residential and commercial purposes, as well as land development. R&R's team always employs one of their value-driven mantras: “Make it look like you spent a million dollars. But don’t.”

Builders find that including R&R on their team saves them time, money and stress. R&R Design Studio provides a critical and valuable client interface that keeps all parties focused and moving forward. As on all their projects, R&R works with builders and architects, not against them. They help build a project from the ground up, with extensive research and planning to maximize everyone’s time and budget, and minimize long-term headaches, surprises and expenses. R&R's space plans and spec books are the keys to their successful projects, and their unparalleled project management has led to repeat collaborations and referrals from even the most exacting and demanding builders, developers and architects. R&R believes every project is different and employs maximum flexibility — and minimum drama — to adapt to the players and needs of each one.

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